Grading Guide

All our balls are reclaimed from lakes on golf courses across the UK and USA. The balls are cleaned, sorted and graded. 
Beware of other companies inferior grading standards!
Our strict grading standards offer the best value for money anywhere!

We sell lake balls in four grades, using the following grading definitions:

These balls are our best quality, and are the superb condition our customers have grown to expect when ordering. These lakeballs are truly one hit wonders and very difficult to tell from new. You might find a very small players pen mark on the occasional ball, but we are sure you will be delighted with the value for money. These balls are suitable for competitive play.

Grade A
Offers excellent value for money. These Grade A golf balls have narrowly failed as a Pearl ball due to very small play/pen mark from previous use or slight discolouration. They will still be in excellent condition.

Grade B
These balls have some signs of play and will have club marks, pen marks, discolouration, or a combination. Although we would not recommend these balls for competitive play, they are still perfectly playable and are fantastic value.

These balls have been around the block and seen a few hooks and slices! They could include X-outs, older balls, blemished balls, refinished balls. They are perfect when practising in an open place, and cheap enough that you don't have to spend too much time looking for them!

Kindly note: In all of the above grades some golf balls may have corporate logos printed on them.

Lake balls vary in quality. Please do not confuse our golf balls with some of the inferior products sold by some retailers. Take a look at our grading guide to help you choose the quality of golf ball you need and remember we will refund or replace if not completely satisfied.