www.lakeballs.com are Europe's leading golf ball reclamation company and we have been catering for both the retail and wholesale sectors for over 20 years. 
www.lakeballs.com are able to supply all your golf ball requirements from 25 balls to 500,000 balls.

Our Golf Balls

Our balls are sourced through our extensive network of golf ball reclamation services both in the USA and UK. We do not use or buy lake balls from unauthorised divers and work strictly under contract with the full permission of the golf courses involved.

Our Quality
Once recovered our golf balls are gently cleaned and then sorted and carefully graded at our distribution centres. We offer 3 main Grades and a practice grade. Our main grades will not include any lakeballs marked refurbished or refinished, and of course any cracked, split or out of shape balls are discarded
Beware of lesser companies inferior grading standards!

Our Grading

Our golf balls are sold in 3 main grades, and a practice grade.
Pearl - Unmarked balls and 'as new' and ideal for competitive play
Grade A - Narrowly failed as a Pearl ball, however will still be in excellent condition and will have only minor signs of previous play.These balls are suitable for the low handicapper to beginner and are suitable for competitive or recreational play.
Grade B - Balls have either marks, blemishes, colour fading or a combination but fine for recreational play
Practice-These balls have seen some action and include x-outs and refinished balls but are ideal for perfecting that swing!

Our Stock
All golf balls advertised on our website are in stock and available for immediate delivery.

Our Prices

The way we keep our prices low is by purchasing in very large amounts and have containers shipped from the USA on a regular basis to our UK distribution centre.

We are able to supply either pre-graded golf balls or a variation of mixes tailored to suit your requirements. Obviously Pre-Graded golf balls will tend to cost slightly more due to the cost of the processing involved. We are confident we offer unbeatable value for money!

Our Delivery Services
Retail orders are normally delivered within 2-5 working days.
On some occasions over public holiday periods delivery times may be extended.
We offer a variety of delivery options depending on our customer's requirements.

Our Service
We pride ourselves in our customer service and firmly believe our good service and attention to detail is why our customers keep coming back time and time again!

Great golf balls - Amazing prices!


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Lake balls vary in quality. Please do not confuse our golf balls with some of the inferior products sold by some retailers. Take a look at our grading guide to help you choose the quality of golf ball you need and remember we will refund or replace if not completely satisfied.